Welcome to “ETCHING ALONG” website.

I do very different and unique etching artwork on glass.

I do not use chemicals or lasers at this point in time because I like to master the methods as I learn. I am doing my etchings at present with a variable speed Dremel 3000 and diamond burred bits. I have always enjoyed doing drawings, paintings, wood and stone hand crafted sculptures, and a variety of other materials. I hope to in the near future to display some of these to my site. These etchings at present are my preferred medium of choice in the glass artist crafts.
I do scenes of the coastal area where I live. An adjacent to the Seashore National Park in and along the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I am trying to give you scenes with wildlife in etchings that I get to see daily going to the Islands by boat or driving around the Bays and creeks to get to larger towns of Beaufort, Morehead City, New Bern and Jacksonville NC in the area where I live.

I recently started to keep photographs of the things that I’m doing. I do a large selection of wildlife etchings and scenes of the coastal area as well as a large selection of bird etchings; migratory ones, wading and song birds, too. I will be doing more of the Lighthouses etchings of our coast. I do things other than bird etchings, such as different kind of animal etchings, fish etchings, the differant wildlife etchings, in my etching artwork in this area of glass craft artwork.

At present I am etching various size pieces of glass which I then put in wood frames to make for hangings. They are made to hang the etchings which let the daylight help display them better or you could hang with back lighting. I also do limited wine and beer glasses, as well as some of the more interesting bottles I come across. I have now set up a product page and each etching will have a named subject and a price for each as well as the glass sizes for the wooden framed ones. I do plan to do copies of the etchings you see and every one an original piece of etching artwork. So when you are ordering please state what sized glass with frames for the etchings or the type of glasses with logos or small scenes that you would like to be done for you.

The picture at the top of the pages was taken of a raft of birds the 2011 winter in the Eastern Flyway. There were several kinds of geese and ducks that morning looking toward Portsmouth Island. If you were to travel to the North-eastern end of it that would be Ocracoke Island ahead of you, and being of Blackbeard fame.

Please enjoy the website and always check back to see the newer pieces of etching artwork, that will be added as I get further ahead in designing it.

Contact Information
P.O.Box 37
Atlantic, NC 28511
Call: (252)225-1926
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I will accept pictures to the ” ” , email to take a look at the pictures of your choosing and let you know if I feel I can do for you on a more personalized level. I can and will do you sketches of whimiscal, cartoon type, and logos creatated for you personally once I understand, I will email you a few different ones until we decide on which you like. Then I will be able give you a firm price for each piece of artwork.

The price of shipping covers boxes with bubble plastic and foam to protect the glass in shipment. I will ship to Canada, Europe, Mexico or many countries. I prefer to be paid in US Dollars. Please when making orders do so in English since I do not speak any other language. You can also email and can work out a price without PayPal involved since all work is negotiable in price if you would like to do it that way; you can send an email to the above email address instead of using the reply box below. Payment that way would be through Western Union, Postal money order or certified checks please; and artwork would be sent out after check arrives.

Thank you for your interest in my work.